Letter From Me

I pray this book and the words written on each page has blessed you and has been an invitation for God to draw near and whisper to your heart. I am a girl who has a stutter and I grew up believing the lies that I was not enough, and my words had no value. I was too ashamed and fearful to speak. But God stepped in and He transformed me while giving me the freedom to speak again. God gently reminded me of the truth that He created me with His gracious hands and made me fearfully and wonderfully. God changed my heart and now I can rest in His perfect design for me. I pray that you find the courage from God to speak even when fear invites us not to. I pray when you feel unworthy to speak that you remember that your words hold so much value. God loves the sound of your voice. Your voice is precious to Him and He delights in it. Never forget that you, my friend, are designed for a purpose. You are God’s masterpiece, and He is going to do grand things through you that He planned for you long ago. Say the things that God has placed on your heart, for He will be with you and your words when you speak them. Dwell in His presence and focus on the thoughts God thinks of you which are priceless. Trust in Him because He is going to use you in mighty ways. For so long I viewed my stutter as my weakness but now, because of God, I view my stutter as my strength. I used to pray for God to take away my stutter, but now I praise Him for it, and I thank Him for designing me this way. I’m praying for you my friend and I’m looking forward to hearing that beautiful and special voice of yours that God loves so much. So go out in the world and let your voice echo God’s perfect design.

With love and a big hug